TOTO Vietnam Co., Ltd. (TOTO Vietnam) implements a warranty for all products manufactured and imported by TOTO Vietnam and distributed to the market.

Within the scope of this Policy, the following terms have the following meanings:

  • Accessories are parts that make up a finished product and cannot function independently.
  • A finished product is a product that is made up of accessories and/or can perform its own function.

(Hereinafter referred to as “product”)

  • For finished products: 24-month warranty from the date of purchase recorded on the Warranty Document, such as the Warranty Card, or on TOTO Vietnam’s electronic warranty system after the customer successfully activates, or the purchase invoice, or purchase contract, or delivery note (attached to the Purchase Contract).
  • For accessories: 12-month warranty from the date of purchase/date of replacement of accessories recorded on the Warranty Document such as a Warranty Card, or on TOTO Vietnam’s electronic warranty system after the customer successfully activates, or purchase invoice, or purchase contract, or delivery note (attached to the purchase contract; or Warranty – repair minute.

However, if the warranty period of the finished product is longer, priority will be given to the warranty period of the finished product.

  1. Warranty cases (free repair or replacement)

1.1. TOTO Vietnam provides a free warranty for all parts of the product that are still within the warranty period, have been installed, used, and maintained properly but are proven to be defective due to the manufacturer’s cause, and meet the requirements in points 1.2 and 1.3 of this clause.

1.2. The product has all valid warranty documents (“Warranty Documents”) when performing purchase and sale procedures, such as:

  • For end users:
  • Warranty card; or Electronic warranty stamp; or
  • Delivery note (attached to Purchase Contract); or
  • Valid purchase invoice; or Warranty – repair minute; or
  • Purchase contract.
  • For distributors and agents:
  • Valid-purchase invoice (issued by TOTO Vietnam or Distributor); or
  • Delivery note.
  • For Project:
  • Delivery note (attached to purchase contract); or
  • Valid- purchase invoice, or Warranty-repair Minute; or
  • Warranty; or Electronic warranty stamp; or
  • Purchase contract.

Warranty documents are applied to the product warranty in order of priority from top to bottom..

1.3. The above warranty documents are intact, not torn or erased. For electronic warranties, the image of the warranty stamp must be clear, the code must be scannable, and must not be cropped or edited. The stamp must be successfully activated by the customer on TOTO Vietnam’s electronic warranty system on purchase date. Warranty documents must show complete customer information, purchase date and product code. Warranty documents must match the exact product under warranty, the date of purchase must match the actual date of purchase of the product.

  1. Cases not covered by warranty (Free repair and replacement of part)

2. Cases not covered by warranty (repair, product replacement with charge)

2.1. Failure to provide valid documents related to the purchase and sale procedures specified in point 1.2 above and/or documents that do not satisfy the conditions in point 1.3.

2.2. The customer is dishonest in activating the electronic warranty or providing warranty documents.

2.3. Product is damaged due to improper transportation, installation, use, and maintenance, or failure to comply with the contents presented in the installation and usage instructions, except for products for which TOTO Vietnam is responsible for transportation and installation.

2.4. Product is damaged due to arbitrarily disassembling, repairing, or replacing the product with parts and components not manufactured and/or distributed by TOTO Vietnam or not designated by TOTO Vietnam.

2.5. Damage caused by installing products in environments with corrosive factors (corrosion due to alkaline, salt, acid environments, etc.).

2.6. The product is damaged due to the use of electrical and electronic products that do not comply with the product’s operating parameters, such as voltage, frequency, etc.

2.7. Accesories that are often replaced due to aging and corrosion over time, such as batteries, seals, washers, filters, etc.

2.8. Visual defects arise, such as scratches, loss of gloss, wear, etc., due to being used.

2.9. Defects arise due to natural disasters (floods, tsunamis, lightning strikes, etc.) or objective causes (fire, electrical short circuits, etc.).

2.10. Errors arising from the construction or architectural renovation process affect the product.

2.11. Defects arise due to using water whose quality does not meet Vietnam’s standards for domestic water.

2.12. The defects arise due to a foreign object sticking or stuck inside the product.

2.13. Damage caused by freezing water.

2.14. The product has expired its warranty period.

2.15. Other damages and losses are not the responsibility of TOTO Vietnam.

Depending on each case mentioned above and according to the agreement with the customer, TOTO Vietnam will directly or through the official distributor or agent of TOTO Vietnam support repairs and replacements with a charge for customers.