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By providing personal data in the information box below, customers agree to TOTO Vietnam storing their personal information to perform product warranty work. Personal information of customers will be stored on the Electronic Warranty System until TOTO Vietnam receives a cancellation request from customers or state management agencies. We commit that the customer's personal data will not be transferred to third parties unless TOTO Vietnam is required to do so by law.

Please note that filling in your phone number will make it easier to retrieve warranty information. In case you do not fill in your personal information, product warranty activation will still be performed.

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Please scan the QR code/enter the Serial number or enter the phone number to check the product warranty has been activated?
Where to find Serial / QR?
Hotline: 1800558830
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btn-information How to activate electronic warranty?

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Please see instructions in section "Warranty activation instructions"

btn-information Where can you find QR and Serial numbers?

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Please see instructions in the section "Where can you find the serial number/QR code?"

btn-information When do you need to activate the product warranty?

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Customers need to activate the electronic warranty immediately after purchasing the product to ensure product warranty benefits.

btn-information Why is it necessary to fill a phone number when activating product warranty?

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Filling in the phone number will help customers:

- Be confirmed that the product's warranty has been successfully activated immediately after purchasing the product.

- Easily check warranty information at the same time for many products

- Convenient for warranty work in the future.

btn-information What you need to do in case the device cannot scan the QR code on the warranty stamp?

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Please check again according to the following instructions:

1. Confirm how to log in to the electronic warranty website: Make sure the device is logged in through the camera application or popular web browsers such as Safari, Chrome... do not log in via applications such as Zalo, chat or other intermediate applications.

2. Check your device's camera settings to ensure QR code scanning is enabled.

3. Grant camera access by pressing the "Allow" button for to use your camera.

4. Select the camera to use appropriately by clicking "select camera".

In case you have followed the instructions above but the device still cannot scan the QR code, customers can continue to activate the product by entering the serial number on the warranty stamp or contact TOTO Hotline for support.

btn-information In case of buying a product at a store that is not on the list available on the system, how do I fill in the information?

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Customers can enter the name of the store where they purchased, and the system will save the information.

btn-information How to provide warranty for large projects and works?

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There is no change compared to the current warranty method. Warranty will be provided through delivery notes, sales contracts... according to TOTO's current warranty policy.

btn-information How to confirm the product warranty has been successfully activated?

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Customers select "CHECK WARRANTY", fill the series number or scan the QR code on the warranty stamp or fill the phone number that was activated the warranty to check product warranty information.

btn-information Why has the product's warranty been successfully activated but no SMS messages have been received?

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Customers do not receive SMS notification of successful warranty activation may be due to the following reasons:

1. Customer has not filled in or has filled in the incorrect phone number to register for warranty activation.

2. After completing the warranty activation, the customer does not press the "Finish" button to complete the operation.

In case the customer does not receive an SMS notification of successful warranty activation, however, the product may have been activated and data has been saved on the system. Therefore, customers can check the product's warranty information according to the instructions “CHECK WARRANTY”

btn-information Can product warranty activation information be adjusted in case the customer enters it incorrectly?

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IT can be adjustable. Please contact the place of purchase. The sales agent will confirm the correct information and send the adjustment request to the factory through TOTO's Sales system.

btn-information How long is the warranty period?

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- The warranty period for products manufactured, imported, and distributed by TOTO Vietnam is 2 years (Including ceramic products and electronic products, showerheads and faucets).

 - For warranty replacement accessories, the warranty period for replacement accessories is 1 year.

btn-information Who should I call when I need warranty?

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- All TOTO official agents are the place to receive and carry out product warranty work.

   TOTO's official agents all have technicians who are trained and certified by TOTO.

    Official dealer system link here:

- In case customers buy products at stores that are not official TOTO agents, they can notify the store of the product error status, address and phone number of the customer. The store will notify the Distributor's warranty center to fix it. Each Distributor will warranty a sales area.

- In case the customer does not remember the store where he bought it, he can do one of the following:

   + Call Hotline 1800558830 to notify. Hotline operates from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day of the week. Except holidays.

   + Message on FB:

   + Message on website:

btn-information If a customer buys a product in this province (Hanoi....) but brings it to another province (Thai Binh....), what is the warranty for this case?

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The customer's sales agent will be responsible for the warranty for the products they sell.

TOTO Vietnam sells products by region. Agents of any Province/City will sell products in that Province/City.

It is recommended that customers should purchase products at a Provincial/City Dealer where they need equipment to be facilitated, so that it is convenient for warranty service in the future.

btn-information Is a product warranted in case it is cracked or broken during installation or usage?

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TOTO does not warrant products that are cracked or broken during installation or usage by the user.

btn-information What is the warranty fee?

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TOTO collects a warranty fee in cases where the warranty expires (2 years) or for errors not caused by the product.

For details, see link: