TOTO Neorest Suite: Transforming the Bathroom, and You

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 TOTO Neorest Suite

Creating new ways to live in the modern bathroom is what TOTO designers are working toward every day. Water is at the core of our business – we respect it, because we know its therapeutic qualities for all of us. The Neorest Suite of products is the pinnacle of our work, with designs that pamper you in every way. Design so perfectly simple that it practically disappears. A cleansing experience so thorough and refreshing that your time in the bathroom feels extraordinary rather than just necessary. And an intuitive approach to operation that relieves stress even before you’ve stepped in to the shower or dipped into the tub.

Our Neorest tub remembers the temperature you prefer your water and knows precisely how deep you like it filled each time. It even senses your approach and prepares itself for you. Our Air Bath propels spiraling jets through the water, a feature we call HydroHands that offers a soothing massages like no other.

The Neorest lavatory also senses your approach, turning on as your hands enter the basin. That means a cleaner look – no obvious knobs – and easier use, daytime or in the dark of night. Our model with subtle LED lighting makes this even more beautiful.

And the Neorest toilet is engineered to provide an unrivaled level of comfort, with ewater+ technology that keeps the bowl cleaner and the Wonderwave Spray and warm-air dryer for exceptionally refreshing comfort. All in a graceful, elegant design.

These are just a few elements of the relaxing oasis that TOTO can help you create. Connecting human need with human desire is a key part of our design philosophy, and with the Neorest Suite we have brought our efforts to their most beautiful and welcoming expression.

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Buy at TOTO's official dealer network nationwide


TOTO Vietnam

TOTO was founded in 1917 in Japan and has more than 100 years of experience in the field of providing high-end sanitary equipment. In 2002, TOTO was officially present in Vietnam, bringing the pinnacle of hygiene experience closer to Vietnamese families. (test)