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Product name:Japanese Thermostat Bath & Shower Set
Water-saving Shower Head
Water volume adjustable Hand Shower 
SMA Technology
Water pressure:0.05MPa ~ 0.75MPa
Finish:Nickel Chrome


Aerial Shower


Aerial Shower aerates the water to make the shower experience much more enjoyable. You feel as though you’re standing below a particularly full stream without any increase in the amount of water being used. Aerating the water is also a clever way of using it more efficiently.

Air is drawn in through shower head and added to the water, enlarging the water droplets and causing them to increase in volume. You therefore feel as through you’re being rinsed with more water than you actually are, making the shower more enjoyable experience.

The benefits of Aerial Shower are twofold: it both reduces water consumption and make the water experience more enjoyable. TOTO technology as its best.

With SMA, TOTO can ensure reliability where you need it most: SMA maintains a constant water temperature despite fluctuating water supply temperature and pressure levels resulting from water being used elsewhere in the home.

The result is a water temperature you can rely on, whether you’re in the shower or washing your hands without having to adjust it manually.


  • Japanese style
  • Water-saving Aerial Hand Shower Head
  • Durable finishes
  • Brass valve bodies
  • Ceramic disk valve cartridge for drip-free performance