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Like Nature, Like Design

Velcro was invented based on the way burrs interlock with clothing fibres to achieve their tenacious cling. A Zimbabwe office and shopping centre designed its natural ventilation system to emulate the airflow through a termite mound.

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Small is Getting Smaller

TOTO products such as our Aquia Wall-Hung toilet is already offering answers for these design situations, and very soon prototypes in development in the TOTO design lab will bring more options.

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The Getaway Space

As our culture accelerates and fragments, with an always-on philosophy where work can happen anywhere and technological interruptions are the norm, it should be no surprise that people are looking for an escape.

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The New Look in Toilets

These two factors make all the difference in a bathroom, especially smaller ones. Because a toilet tank adds many inches to the depth of a standard toilet, wall-hung models take up much less room, both literally up to 9 inches and visually

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More Than Just a Washlet

While a TOTO Washlet may look like an ordinary toilet seat – and it does fit onto virtually any standard toilet – its inner workings and innovative features offer incredible comforts and cleaner living for everyone.

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A Green Kind of Clean

The pursuit of cleanliness can be better in every way, from a clean perspective to a green perspective. The Washlet uses water to cleanse and refresh and can significantly reduce the consumption of toilet paper.

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Tornado Flush™

The Tornado Flush features two powerful nozzles that create a centrifugal, cyclonic rinsing action which reduces waste buildup and keeps the bowl cleaner

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SMA Thermostatic Valve Technology

Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) coil provides the key to a more reliable and enjoyable showering experience. The SMA valve features a nickel and titanium alloy coil which responds to temperature changes more quickly than traditional wax-based systems.

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Electrolyzed water is a proven disinfectant used in food preparation and cleaning. Using the incoming water supply, a pre-mist wets the toilet bowl surface aiding in the elimination of waste approximately 80% better than a dry bowl