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Like Nature, Like Design

Velcro was invented based on the way burrs interlock with clothing fibres to achieve their tenacious cling. A Zimbabwe office and shopping centre designed its natural ventilation system to emulate the airflow through a termite mound.

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Small is Getting Smaller

TOTO products such as our Aquia Wall-Hung toilet is already offering answers for these design situations, and very soon prototypes in development in the TOTO design lab will bring more options.

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The Getaway Space

As our culture accelerates and fragments, with an always-on philosophy where work can happen anywhere and technological interruptions are the norm, it should be no surprise that people are looking for an escape.

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The New Look in Toilets

These two factors make all the difference in a bathroom, especially smaller ones. Because a toilet tank adds many inches to the depth of a standard toilet, wall-hung models take up much less room, both literally up to 9 inches and visually

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Think Globally, Design Locally

As technology continues to draw the world closer together, architects, designers, and hospitality brands must balance the need to streamline development across multiple projects with environmental sensitivity and awareness of local culture.

Come One, Come All

As much as things change in the way we live, it’s a surprising trend that more and more, multiple generations of the same family are living under one roof.

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Universal Height

Central to TOTO Total Design is taking into account people of all ages and abilities. Universal Height offers sinks and toilets at a more manageable height, making the bathroom more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

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A Well-Appointed Bathroom

A delicate floral arrangement in a porcelain vase welcomes you to the sink in one boldly blue-hued bathroom. Stately wall sconces stand guard at another sink, while a modern crystal chandelier highlights a chocolate-walled sitting area in another.