With the purpose of helping customers to easily choose architectural styles as well as sanitary products in the bathroom, TOTO spent ¾ of the area of ​​TOTO Showroom Hanoi to display 9 bathroom suites with different design styles.

These sample rooms not only create design inspiration for architects but also bring the most realistic product experiences to customers visiting the Showroom.


The sample room with Eco Nature design style offers a harmonious combination of green space and smart hygiene products to help improve the quality of life.

Neorest products have a luxurious and sophisticated design to every line, in harmony with the natural space and showing the class of the owner. Moreover, this is also the most modern and smart product of TOTO, giving users the feeling of relaxation in their home.

Classic 1 

Classic is a style that expresses sophistication and elegance, often used to show the authority and strength of homeowners. Interior items always have meticulous lines with expensive interior materials reminiscent of the palaces of the ancient kings. This style was used a lot for the upper class.

Indochina style is the most Vietnamese design style. Because Indochina is a unique interference and crystallization between Vietnam and French interior style. So the combination of two styles is the combination that the architects choose to create a luxurious space that expresses the quintessence, cultural identity and history.

Classic 2 – Neo Classic

This is the result of a perfect combination between classical and modern. Old details are preserved, but they are remade in a modern and comfortable way using simple but simple patterned stone and stone imitation bricks.

ZL Suite

Room layout with as little furniture and details as possible. The main elements of this style are attention to shapes, colors, and materials. The division of space into rooms, furniture or glass partitions plays an important role. Modern minimalist interior design is made based on sharp and asymmetric geometries.

Contemporary 1&2 

Contemporary design borrows elements from modernism and postmodernism. The “contemporary” style is always changing. As each decade passes, the decorative trends will always be considered contemporary. Instead, it’s a style that is constantly evolving that reflects what’s happening today.

This style is always kept to its own level and limits by balancing lines, sculpting elements, art, and bold colors.

Simple Suite 

The word “modern” is one of the most overused phrases in interior decoration. Many people are often confused with modern design style with contemporary design style but the essence of these two styles is different.

Modern, clean interior design style focuses mainly on functionality as well as avoiding overly cumbersome, messy texture lines like many other interior design styles.

Morden Suites 1 & 2 

Modern interior design style is always the optimal choice of small spaces, because it always gives the feeling of a room larger than the actual area, maximizing space.

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