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CS769DW4 (CS769DRW4)



Product code: CS769DW4
Close-Coupled Toilet with Multi-functions NEW WASHLET Seat & Cover TCF4731A (220V)
Stain Resistant, Easy-to-clean Surface with CeFiONtect Technology
Tornado Flush System, saving water (4.5L/3L)
Bowl Shape: Elongated, Full Skirt
Rough-in: 305mm
(Stop valve and floor flange are included)


Auto Functions


Rimless Design

Tornado Flush


Water Saving

The NEOREST Series is enhanced by a range of integrated, automated technologies. These innovations make using TOTO products the most convenient, delightful bathroom experience you can imagine.

An automatic function opens the toilet lid on approach; as you leave, the toilet automatically activates the Tornado Flush, and the lid closes with a gentle motion. When you sit down, the deodoriser starts automatically. In the NEOREST Series/SE basin, the faucet dispenses water using a hands-free motion sensor.

The new WASHLET installs TOTO's latest technology to sterilize toilet bowl. This new feature spreads Ewater+ to prevent bacteria. Combining with the other TOTO clean technology as rimless design and CeFiONtect, the cleaning function is maximized.

Tornado Flush is an integral feature in every new TOTO toilet. This completely new flushing system cleans and flushes both the rim and bowl in an innovative way.

It does this by reimagining the way a toilet flushes. Instead of letting water pour down from the rim as in a traditional flush, the Tornado Flush projects three powerful jets of water from inside the bowl. This motion creates a whirlpool effect that cleans the entire surface. As well as cleaning far more thoroughly than any other flush system, it is quiet and water-efficient.

Tornado Flush toilets have a rimless design, so there is no place for dirt and germs to hide, making for a more attractive, more hygienic toilet. It is also much easier to clean because of the CeFiONtect glaze.

WASHLET Technology incorporates a unique wand that allows water to be used for personal cleaning in a way that leads to a completely new level of hygiene and comfort. The warm water cleans far more effectively than paper ever could. Its temperature and flow are easily adjusted by remote control, and the wand self-cleans before and after every use. The energy-saving mode can also be activated to increase efficiency.

Every aspect of WASHLET Technology, including the angle at which the water flows - with settings for front and rear cleansing – has been refined to perfection. It is the world's most evolved toilet technology; the epitome of how Clean Technology enhances the bathroom experience.

Water-saving technology


Modern & luxury design
Multi function Washlet seat & cover (220V)
Fully skirted styling with a concealed trapway for easy cleaning
CeFiONtect technology: supper smooth, ion barrier glazing for a clean toilet bowl
Tornado technology extremely powerful performance
ECOMAX technology: superior water-saving performance
Auto opening & closing lid
New auto soft light function usable for night usage
Pre-mist spray & nozzle cleansing with ewater.


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Less is more. The quality of living is learning to appreciate the simple things in life. TOTO has refined simplicity, eliminated all unnecessary design elements for an unpretentious look. A collaboration of minimalist list and ergonomic design.