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Architecture for DOGs

The first Architecture For Dogs catalog (bilingual, English & Japanese text included) is the first in-depth look at Kenya Hara's cutting-edge project. An impressive production in of itself, the title was created and designed by Kenya Hara and his team at Nippon Design Center. It features a detailed look at each of the all-star contributing architects, and at the original designs they've created for Architecture For Dogs. Includes detailed notes on the design challenge, the design process, and how each responds to the needs of a particular breed of dog. The hardcover title also features photography by acclaimed photographer Hiroshi Yoda, the blue prints for each design, and photos from each of the three gallery exhibitions for Architecture For Dogs so far: Miami Design District, Long Beach Museum of art, and TOTO Gallery Ma, in Tokyo. The book also includes exclusive interviews with project director Kenya Hara, Imprint founder Julia Huang, and some of the all-star contributing architects.
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